Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Or...maybe I'll take Paper and Plastic?

If the possibilities of plastic bags doesn't get you, I know paper will.

This here is one of my personal DIYs that a did a while back. Click HERE to learn how to makes this bad boy.

I couldn't help pass up posting this up because it reminds me of those amazing paper chain links you know we all use to make in elementary school right?! Click HERE.

Don't have any nail polish or just plain tired of the colors you got?...I got you covered! Click HERE.

This will totally make you think twice before throwing away toilet paper rolls when you're sitting on the toilet. (Oh yea, I just made a toilet reference...ok maybe not as funny as I thought it might be...IGNORE me) Click HERE.

Need some new earrings? I got that covered too! Click HERE.

photo courtesy: google images

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