Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY: Arrow Necklace

INSPIRATION--Boyfriend's CD Player.

Here is what you'll need:


1. Cut out about six inches of duct tape. (2x)

2. Fold the strips in half.

3. Draw three arrow-heads on each strip. Cut them out.

4. (Make sure you this in a ventilated area.) Lay the arrows out on some scratch paper and spray one side of each of the arrow-heads.

5. After they've dried Place one side down underneath the chain. Put some super glue on the arrows and place the other arrow-heads over it.

TIP: If you don't have any black spray paint, you can use a black sharpie pen. It works just as good. It may even be better because it's more waterproof than the spray paint (that is unless you make sure to get a waterproof spray paint). You can also use a black felt tipped pen to touch up the necklace.

Happy Friday!


  1. this is so cool! Love the end result :)

    The Flower Girl

  2. Cool DIY, Is jewelry desgin what you like to do?

  3. Thanks gals! Your comments mean the world to me! You all have amazing blogs! I'm adding you all to my bloglovin roll. <3

    @Snow Black: You know the funny this is that I have never thought of designing jewelry but come to think of it does seem to dominate most of my DIYs. I'm allergic to certain metals so making my own gives me control on what I could wear comfortably.