Monday, July 26, 2010

It runs through my veins.

Here's an idea that will make you really wanna take home that pile of leaves we all play in when fall is in our midst.

A Bright Idea!!

Now here is a sweet way to recycle those popped light bulbs!

I'll have to try this out some time. Here is link that tells you how to make these beautiful babies:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DIY: Wrap Bracelet

I fell in love with wrap bracelets the moment I saw them. Celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens have been seen sporting a pair for herself. The tiny gold/silver beads and button closer offer hint of femininity while the leather bindings add the right amount of toughness. Unfortunately, these Chan Luu wrap bracelet retails at about $220. :(

My solution? Making my own of course! Since it was my initial attempt, I had used brown embroidery string—as I expected it ended up breaking. For my second try, I used hemp for durability. I will be experimenting with a few other colors and styles and will post pictures of them once I get the chance. As of now I’m a happy camper!

My perty sister modeling my bracelet for all of you.

DIY: Wrap Bracelet

I've become addicted to these wrap bracelets seen on numerous celebrities wrists the moment I saw them. The small gold/silver beads and silver button clasp add the right amount feminism while the leather that hold it all together give a bit of toughness. Unfortunately these Alex Luu badboys retail at about $220. :(

My solution? Making my own version of course! This was my an initial attempt, so I made a small one. Instead of leather I used embroidery string but it didn't last too long. My second time around, I used hemp. I will be experimenting more with the colors and stronger material once I get the chance. For now, I'm a happy camper. I'll post up more of my versions once I've made a wrap-around version.