Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DIY: Tie-Dyed Nails

In my quest for some fun-looking nails with the colors already at hand, I developed my own version of tie-dyed nails.

China Glaze (Periwinkle), L.A. Girls (Pink), Essie (turquoise & caicos), NYX (white)

1. Put on 2 coats of white nails polish.
2. IMMEDIATELY after take your first color and run it along the side of the bottle so that it doesn't drip color. Then with the tip of the brush quickly dab along the nail. (Doing this while your nail polish is wet will allow colors to blend together as they dry.)
3. Repeat process with additional colors.
4. This is optional but you can add a clear top coat for protection.

Happy Hump Day folks!

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