Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hiding from the Sun

top Tshirt Orgy, Vintage jeans and bag, Ebay boots

This is an outfit I the other day with to a quick lunch with the boyfriend. I know that I've said this once before but I'll say it again, I am IN LOVE with these boots. They are perfect substitution for the Isabel Marant boots I've lusted over for some time now. Oh, and isn't the top I'm wearing cute? I was sold when I saw the back of the blouse. I'm a sucker for simplicity with unique detailing.

Since my trip to D.C., I have wanted nothing more than to stay indoors and away from the sun for a while. (Sorry for the grainy pics. My camera is acting wacky.) haha...I may be part of the few who is dreading the summer weather.

How about you all, you excited for summer? Any exciting plans?

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