Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY: Can We be Friends?

I am sure that you all have noticed that friendship bracelets are making a full-forced comeback. They easily lend itself to becoming the must-have, wallet-friendly accessory of the summer! Confession: I only came across this awesome arm candy in high school. Since then, it would be a rare occasion you wouldn't see me sporting them on my wrist.

I've seriously become addicted to putting together color combos and learning new patterns. When I discovered their combination with chains and rhinestones, I nearly died! lol. Cue my newest DIY endeaver...


What you'll need:

Chain Bracelet, some embroidery string (You can buy a swatch for .35 at Michael's)

1. Prep 2 pieces of string at about 1 foot each.
2. Wrap the string on the side of the chain.

2. Once you get to the end of the string, pull it underneath the wrapped loops made in step one. This reinforced your work.

Have fun! Pile 'em on!

photo courtesy: Honestly...WTF; Style Scrapbook; Sincerely, Jules

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