Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY: Paper Evergreen Christmas Trees!

I was having a conversation with the bf and we realized that we seem to miss the holiday season because by the time we get home for our winter break, there is about a week left before Christmas. Since everyone is studying for finals, you wouldn't even get a hint of the holiday season walking down the street here. On top of that, the Christmas lights I ended up putting up around the windows, ended up not working!! (Mind you, they worked last year.) In light of all of this, I've grown even more determined to decorate more and have gone on a rampage trying to find money saving ways to decorate my apartment to put me in the holiday season before I go home. *Sigh*

Anyway, I came across a great idea on Martha Stewart's website. Gotta love Martha! The pictures above are how my paper trees turned out. They are really simple to make. For directions click HERE.

Some other TIPS:
1. If you don't have skewers, I used some chopsticks I had lying around from past Chinese take-out delivery.
2. You can use green origami paper instead of construction paper and if you run out of construction paper, just paint some green like I did.
3. For the base of the Christmas trees, I used soda bottle caps. Just attach with some hot glue and for some stability stick some wrapping tissue paper around the stick.
4. Also, I added made some snow by chopping up some white wrapping tissue paper. ;)
5. Oh, and the golden tips of the trees can be made from some gum wrappers or gold origami paper. You can also just paint some paper and paint gold. Or buy some gold beads.

18 more days 'till Christmas!

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