Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY: Knit Headband

Perfect solution to keep your hair down when it's windy out and your ears warm during those chilly days!

Materials: knit beanie (Forever21 sells some great beanies for a great price), scissors, needle and thread, some ribbon or left over scraps of fabric, one safety pin

1. cut horizontally at the top and bottom of beanie (save the scraps)
2. cut the circular strip and measure what is a comfortable size for your head
3. hem the bottom and top of beanie
4. sew up the two ends to make the long strip into a circular

Decorating your beanie:
There a number of ways you can decorate your beanie depending on your mood. All you need is those left over scraps of fabric.

Here are some ideas...
NOTE: To make a rounded flower just take a small strip of fabric and twist it in a circle. After you are done making your decorations, just put attach them with a safety pin so they can be easily removed!

Here are a few other ways you can wear your NEW knit headband!

From upper left corner: with your hair down, in a bun, with a ponytail, as a turban (to do this pinch the headband and pin it with a safety pin), with a white bow, white flower, knit bow

side view shots

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