Friday, December 31, 2010

DIY: New Years Top Hats!

My sister and I look forward to New Year's because of the awesome hats we get to wear. Last year we decided to try different sets of hats every year. When I stopped by Party City yesterday, they were nearly cleaned out and none seemed to stick out to me. Then, I stopped by Ahhs! and saw the cutest top hats covered in glitter. However, I decided that I didn't want to pay $2.99 just to get glitter all over my hair, face and hands. As comedian Demitri Martin says, "Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts!" (LOL!)

I also realized that I could make these top hats myself! It's so simple!

All you'll need is:

plastic cups, scissors, hot glue, piece of cardboard, black permanent marker, and anything you would want to decorate your hats with (i.e. feathers, sequins, glitter

1. Trace the mouth of the cup on the piece of cardboard for the rim of the hat.

2. Cut the bottom half of the cup.

3. Take your permanent marker and color the cardboard circle and cup. Put them aside for a couple of minutes to dry.
4. Take the top half and glue it to cardboard circle.

5. For the best part: Decorate your hat!

6. Finally, take some string and tape it to the bottom of the hat.
Now you have your hat for New Years! See you all in 2011! Cheers!

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