Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hammer Time

(H&M blouse, UO tshirt, vintage harem pants, Target clogs DIY HoH Necklace HERE)

Surprise surprise it's raining here again. Needless to say, I just found out that it will ALSO start to rain just when I get into SoCal for Spring Break. Hopefully it will not rain for the whole week! I am so ready for spring yo! Sorry for the rant...I've just been completely drenched twice today just walking to and from classes in spite of wearing what is supposed to be rain gear.

On another note, above are a few pics of what I wore last week when it was nicer out.

2 more days till my Spring Break! Do you all have any plans for Spring Break?

My Target Clogs. Cute right? I never thought I'd be a clog wearer. 70s is making a comeback people! The picture below, however, doesn't do them justice because it make it appear as though I have Teletubi feet. LOL. What do you all think? Clogs...HOT OR NOT?

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