Monday, March 28, 2011

DIY: Elephant Bracelet

A quickie DIY that makes use of any extra embroidery string and charms you may have lying around.

All you need is:

...a charm,

...a safety pin and scissors.
(If you don't have any embroidery string, you can purchase some at Michael's for only $0.35).

1. Cut three strands of string at a yard each. *click the pictures to make them bigger*
2. Braid the strands together.

3. For an interesting affect, hold on to one strand and push the rest of the braid
upwards to bunch the braid together.

4. Tie the ends, cut off any undesired excess of string and attach your charm at one end
(Secure it by tying a coupling of knots around it.)
5. For you clasp, just attach your safety pin through the braid.

That's it! Easy as pie in the eye!

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