Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY: Metal Workings P.2

A few posts ago, I shared with you guys my summer DIY project---a metal clutch.

It shouldn't have taken this long to finish it had I all the parts to put this clutch together. When I got home for the summer, I realized that I didn't bring the pedal to my sewing machine! ugh! Therefore, after sewing all of the beads, I had to hold off till I could get my sewing machine to work again. Also, I wanted to take my time with the clutch and find all the parts (i.e. the right inner material, zipper) for cheap. All the while, I have found myself making a few revisions on it... I decided to remove the metal circles on the edge of the bead workings and replace it with some metal squares I removed from an old top I was gonna donate... What you guys think?

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