Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Playing with Rocks

(ha...TRYING to get picture ready...)

It's getting impossibly hot now which means shorts has become a complete necessity! :/ It is frustrating to me because I think my legs are really weird looking. With that said, this is me trying to create some sort of balance for myself by wearing a light sweater top that I just got at Forever21. (Mind you, this was taken last week when the weather was bearable still.) Isn't the beige and black just pretty?!

(Me trying to do some sort of posing...)


Forever 21 top, DIY shorts, Sideca Mary-Janes, DIY necklace

The shoes I'm wearing isn't really new but more of a rediscovery. Don't you love it when you forget you had something but when you uncover it it feels like new?

Happy Hump Day folks!