Friday, February 11, 2011

DIY: Sunglasses Display

With my growing collection of sunglasses, the boyfriend has pointed out that it probably isn't the best idea for me to be throwing them into a drawer. (ha!) Also, if you are like me and every college student, you often find yourself in need of space saving organizational methods. Here's a super simple way to free up some space in your drawer. Forget about buying a sunglasses holder!

All you need is:

Put up two rows of thumb-tacks about two inches apart horizontally and vertically. (The spacing is really to your discretion).

(I found that slightly angling the thumb-tack helps hold the sunglasses better.)

BAM! A sunglasses display and holder!

Note to self, refrain from buying anymore sunglasses... But they're so pretty! *sigh* Happy Friday All!


  1. I adore you! Thank you so much, I have just made it and it's perfect!