Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY: Bejeweled Bib Necklace

This past Christmas, I was determined to make a few of the presents I would be giving away to my close girlfriends. I have been eyeing bejeweled bib necklaces for some time now and thought...why not give it a try. It's pretty simple but a bit time consuming.

What you'll need: felt of your color choice, gems, glass beads, sequins, scissors, fabric glue, thread


1. Take your gems and without gluing them down plan out the design of your

2. Glue down the gems you can.

3. Cut around the outermost gems leaving about a millimeter of felt from the gem.
4. Sew in the glass beads, sequins, other gems (some come with holes) to fill in
the empty spaces.

5. Take some ribbon and sew it to the ends.

There you have it! You very own bejeweled bib necklace that can be trown on any outfit for that extra pizzazz!

Tip: If you don't want all of those threads in back to be seen, trace out a piece of cloth of the same size and shape and glue it over the back.

I had some leftover felt and jewels and made some earrings too!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!

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