Saturday, October 2, 2010

DIY: Sky

Well this idea just came to me after spending so much time indoors studying, doing homework and writing papers... lol. I often caught myself looking at my bare walls searching for words to write and often thought that I rather be out and about enjoying the sun before it disappears as it tends to do in the Bay Area. Solution? Making your own sky!!

Materials: Blue Cellophane (Target, Michaels, any craft store), Cotton balls (CVS, Wallgreens for a whole bag), Scissors, Tape

1. Lay out cellophane on the surface you want with tape
2. Strech-out, Fluff cotton balls and clump together for various sizes
3. Then stick it on the cellophane with some tape

TIPS: Try out attaching the clouds to some invisible string and attach to a push-pin to hang from the ceiling to give your clouds more depth!

What do you think? Too childish looking?

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