Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DIY: Hello Kitty Syndrome.

Perhaps it's because i'm Asian that I can't resist Hello Kitty's cuuuuute face. I mean how could you? Even though she doesn't have a mouth as my boyfriend points out. lol. Though, common admit it, you know that at some point in your childhood you all had a favorite character from the Sanrio gang! Whether it be the mysterious, brooding Batz Maru, or the doe-eyed Kerokeropii...

Well last year I saw a white sweater with H.K.'s face on it and of course it was overpriced! So, once again leave it up to me to make life hard on myself and make my own. Though honestly, I think I made quite the deal!!! I bought the sweater for 6 bucks at a grocery store!

Oh also, I decided to use and make my own stencil because I'm not only a bit of a perfectionist (those of you who know me would laugh at this statement, I know) and so I could brand her face on other things. My little sister actually used the stencil to make the opposite colors of mine. That is, she took a black sweater and stenciled H.K. with white.

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