Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are they really flowers?

For an art project our teacher told us to create art in a public space...a sort of art intervention. So, a classmate of mine suggested we make flowers out of random objects around and place them in a lot for people to take and can enjoy. This way, we not only stop people, make them think about art, and be able to enjoy it!

I was looking around my dorm for things to use and then my roommate suggested that she had a bunch of excess forks knives and spoons.... AND...i was inspired!

The cactus is made out of crumpled paper. Baby's breathe is tissue paper on wire.
Don't believe me that the rest are made out of plastic cutlery?
Look for yourself...

What do you think?


  1. whoa, how did you bend the plastic cutlery...?

    haha, and i thought to myself, 'i recognize those hands! rio!'. lol

  2. lol. thanks d! i heated the cutlery over a stove and bent it with oven

    haha! you remember my stiff hands! :)